Our vision is to build a community gamers love, Where anyone can be a professional gamer!


I have always loved playing video games. I remember my first console, the original Nintendo, and the excitement I felt when I turned on the system. I remember how much fun I had playing, and how frantically my brothers and I would blow on the cartridges trying to get them to work, so that we wouldn’t miss out on a minute of play.

The games were enthralling to me, but part of the fun of playing was competing with my brothers. Like a game of hoops on the driveway, video gaming was competitive, and I loved winning! That rush of adrenaline from gaming has stuck with me, and I still feel the excitement surge through my veins whenever I boot up my computer to play against family members and friends alike.

Video games have come a long way since the original Nintendo of my childhood.Players are no longer waiting in line to play against the best Street Fighter player at the local arcade. Modern video games have taken competition to a whole new level where hundreds of players can play at the same time on the same server.

It’s like multiplying the feeling of competitive joy I had playing with my brothers by ten.And that is our mission here at Blake Games; to foster competition in a community where friendships are made.

In support of our community, we have developed several technologies:



The inside of a video game is a virtual world. But today, with eSport competitions and tournaments, video games have evolved from merely fun games to encompass professional pursuits with real-world benefits. With this mind, we here at Blake Games have implemented game servers where players are rewarded with gaming coins that can be redeemed for gaming gear, gift cards, or even cash if desired. It’s your (virtual) reality, so why should your rewards be limited to the game?


To foster competition, Blake Games will hold scheduled tournaments with prizes. We have also developed tools so players can host their own tournaments on their favorite games. So those awkward family holidays? We’ve got you covered withtournament play of your favorite game, and hours of family fun. It’s our goal to make Blake Games a community for gamers, created by people who love games themselves.Please let us know how we can make it better!