Blake Games Anti-Cheat

Blake Games Anti-Cheat (BGAC):

All pick up games and tournament sponsored by Blake Games must be played with BGAC running and the player logged in during the entirety of the match.

Failure to remain logged in during the entirety of the match may constitute cheating and result in a ban per discretion of the admins.

Cheating violations detected by the Blake Games Anti-Cheat (BGAC) software are reviewed by the executive team. Cheating and banning as a result of BGAC are by unanimous decision by the executive team and are not subject to appeal. Evidence gathered by BGAC will be destroyed after the banning and will not be made publically available.

Step 1: Download Blake Games Anti-Cheat.


Step 2: Run the file you just downloaded.

A window will appear asking you where you would like to extract the files.


Step 3. Navigate to the directory where you chose to extract the files.

A new directory should exist there named BlakeGamesAntiCheat, enter that directory.


Step 4. Run the file named bgac.exe.


Step 5. Type your BlakeGames.com username and password into their respective fields then use your mouse to click "Login".


That's it! Repeating all of these steps the next time you play is not neccesary, just run bgac.exe, login, and play!

If you encounter errors please contact PoppinFresh via the website, TeamSpeak3, or Discord.

Please provide as much detail as possible including your operating system and a description of the issue.

Thank you and GG's!


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I play on a Macintosh or Linux operating system, what do I do?

A. Install and use "wine" to run bgac.exe. You can also try "wine-development". Once you have installed wine or wine-development run the command "wine bgac.exe" or "wine-development bgac.exe"


End-User License Agreement

Throughout history, several anti–cheat solutions have gained a reputation of being invasive to the end-user privacy, and have thereby given the entire sector a bad name. We don't see countering cheating as a fight based on witch hunts and assumptions, but rather as one based on merit and coding excellence. We are not interested in anything that is personal to you as an individual, and merely wish to deliver a cheat free game experience to all players. Blake Games Anti-Cheat is monitoring and analyzing the game binaries and scanning the memory of the game for the purpose of detecting and preventing cheating in the game. By installing, copying, or otherwise using bgac.exe, you give your consent that the Blake Games Anti-Cheat may gather and temporarily store meta data regarding your computer systems hardware. Meta data is stored encrypted and is deleted after 48 hours. You also acknowledge and agree that the processing activities of Blake Games Anti-Cheat include automated decision-making which may have significant effects to you as you may be banned from Blake Games if you have been found to be cheating. The data gathered will be used solely for the purpose of identifying and banning player accounts which are used for cheating in computer games, analyzing cheating behavior and cheating code, as well as sharing data about cheats with affiliates of Blake Games. You are entitled to use the Blake Games network only in accordance with these terms and conditions. If you deny Blake Games Anti-Cheat to process your data in accordance with this agreement Blake Games has a right to block your access to Blake Games.